Käsekuchen (german cheese cake, modified)

  • Shortcrust base:
    150 g Butter (cold)
    120 g Powdered sugar
    1 Pack vanilla sugar
    2 Eggs
    250 g Wheat flour Type 405, sieved
    120 g Corn starch
    1 Pinch salt
    1 Pinch cinnamon (about 1/2 TSP)
  • Filling:
    750 g Curd (min. 20% fat)
    125 g Sour cream, 200 ml Cream
    50 g Corn starch
    200 g Sugar
    4 Eggs
    1 TSP Backing powder
    1/2 Pack vanilla blancmange powder
    2 TSP Lemon juice, 1 TSP lemon peel
    1 Vanilla pod
    70 g Raisins

  • Base: Stir one egg yolk, one whole egg, the suggar, salt, the butter, cinnamon and vanilla suggar until creamy. Than add the flour and the starch and make a nice dough from it. Make a ball and let this dough ball rest covered in clingwrap for 45 min in a fridge. Line a 28 cm springform pan with the dough so that you have a 3-4 mm thick dough layer. Penetrate the dough bottom with a fork at some places.
  • Filling: Separate eggs (yolk from the white). Scratch out the vanilla pod, dewater the curd. Combine every ingredient for the filling, except the egg white, and mix carefully for 10 minutes. Prewarm the oven for 160°C. Whisk the egg white stiff with a bit of salt (ca 1/4 TSP). Now carefully fold the beaten egg whites in the mixed filling and pour everything on the prepared shortcrust base (springform pane). In the prewarmed oven bake for 30 minutes (top-/ bottom heat) on the lowest rack at 160°C. Than put it out of the oven for 20 min, put it back into the oven and bake for additional 50-60 min until the cake is ready (test with a wooden shashlik rod).