Software for Microscopy and Image processing


It says: BioImageXD - free open source software for analysis, processing and 3D rendering of multi dimensional, multi data channel, time series image data from microscopy and other sources.

License: Freeware, Source code available

CoLocalizer Pro

It says: CoLocalizer Pro is a quantitative colocalization analysis software. It calculates specialized coefficients to characterize colocalization of fluorescence markers objectively.

License: Commercial, free Trial


Wikipedia: ImageJ is a public domain, Java-based image processing program developed at the National Institutes of Health.

License: Freeware, but based on Java


For capturing, organizing, editing and analyzing microscopic images of different file formats.

License: Commercial, free Trial


It says: The OMA program was developed by researchers as a way to investigate and post-process photometric images from CCD detectors used for laser-based imaging of reacting and nonreacting flows as well as some spectroscopic applications.

License: Freeware, Source code available